Michael Barnett is just one of those guys who is probably a little too obsessed with movies. An award-winning, multi-hyphenate filmmaker, Mike doesn't like to stroke his ego in third person, so he'll kindly stop now.

I've carved a pretty meandering path throughout the film and TV industry over the last 6+ years, but I couldn't imagine not wearing all those hats (hence the moniker Novelty Hat). 

I've called myself a visual effects artist on major films and television series; a motion graphics designer and retoucher on commercials and corporate videos; a corporate videographer; an editor for commercial and branded content; a music video and commercial director; and last but not least, an indie filmmaker.

I have a love and respect for the entire production process, and am a total workflow & pipeline nerd when it comes to taking a project from start to finish. I love writing and developing treatments. I love shooting, directing, editing, and visual effects; I feel privileged to have done all on a professional level. 

I believe my biggest strength is knowing what I do well, what I can get away with doing, and when to cough up some cash to the folks who know better than me.

More than anything I have a compulsion to tell stories, and to find new and interesting ways to translate the ideas into something tangible on the screen. 

I am constantly juggling projects in various stages of development and production, which can be maddening at times but all the more rewarding when you actually finish something. 

As time goes on, I am focusing on creating, writing and pitching original content, with the ultimate goal of showrunning and directing TV series and films. Simultaneously I look forward to growing my production company, Novelty Hat Productions, and creating more relationships with new long term clients.

Feel free to reach out to me, and we can cook up some fresh ideas together.